The BSA shooting family now comes complete with its own comprehensive range of high quality accessories, designed to increase your shooting pleasure. From luggage and target holders to maintenance products, when you see the famous BSA name on it, you know it will serve you and your shooting to the standard you've come to expect from our company. Here at BSA we wear our name with pride, and now we hope you will, too.

Rifle Rest

Easy to use and transport, self- fill gun rest.

BSA Rifle Sling

Padded Grey and Black stylish and robust rifle sling,
proudly baring the BSA piled arms logo.

NEW range of targets

  • Crow Field Target
  • Paper Targets (Pack x100)
  • Rabbit Field Target with 4x Bulls Eye Rings

Sighting Accessories

The BSA System 2 and System 2LF increase the effectiveness of your airgun by providing a self-contained lamping and/or laser setup. Choose either the flashlight or laser with our System 2, which also includes scope and rifle mounting kit, batteries and rubber-armoured, remote contact switch, or go for both with the System 2LF. If you're ready to add a new dimension to your shooting – we've got the perfect system!


This superbly engineered, multistage compression, air pump is manufactured on behalf of BSA by Hills, the acknowledged masters of the manual charging system. Totally portable and includes an internal moisture trap, the BSA pump can also be fitted with an optional Dri-Pac moisture fitter. The BSA Pump takedown design makes it easily transportable and gives your precharged airgun total go-anywhere versatility!

200cc Buddy Bottle

All owners of BSA SuperTen rifles should invest in a spare buddy bottle – or two. Then, rather than return to 'base' to re-charge your rifle, you can simply un-screw the spent buddy bottle and replace it with a fully-charged one. And what better way to carry that spare, than our purpose-designed, belt-mounted bottle-carrier? This carrier keeps your buddy bottles secure and instantly to hand, plus it's made to last a lifetime.

WARNING: Never use anything other than divers' quality compressed air in your charging gear or your rifle. Using gasses other than air can be highly dangerous and will instantly invalidate all BSA warranties.

Charging Gear & Filling Adaptors

Your precharged pneumatic airgun's needs can be catered for easily and affordably with our range of quality accessories. From threaded charging adaptors, hi-tech, easy-action manual pumps and their filter kits, spare buddy-bottles and carriers, all the way to the latest, plug-in connectors, seals and lubricants, BSA can supply everything your airgun requires.

All BSA accessories are purpose-designed and developed for our range of guns and shooting products – and that's why they're the natural choice for BSA owners, everywhere.