Total Security for your Guns

BSA Gun Safes

A gun safe must provide total security for your guns, and complete peace of mind for you. The entire range of BSA gun safes provides both as standard, and that standard is the very highest available. Our safes are constructed in accordance with the British Standard from 2mm thick, rolled steel and the door secured via highly saw-resistant, rotating bolts. Vault-style, multi-point, seven-lever locking is featured throughout the range, along with single-key security and anti-crowbar interlocking hinges.

All internal safe-boxes are fitted with six-lever cylinder locks and the finish of your guns is fully protected by a hi-density foam barrel retainer, shaped for side-by-side and over-under shotguns, or rifles.

Finished in super-tough, powder coated Forest Green complete with the BSA logo, our gunsafes offer the ultimate security solution for your needs.

Vault Style

Anti-saw retaining bolts.

Hi-density Foam

Barrel retainer to secure and protect your guns.


Doors remain secure even if hinges are cut.

Single Key Access

Via offset seven lever, twin-faced security key.

Model Description Dimensions Weight
GS4 4 Gun 1300x250x250 mm 27 Kg
GS4LTD 4 Gun Lock Top Deep 1500x250x330 mm 46 Kg
GS6LTD 6 Gun Lock Top Deep 1500x345x330 mm 53 Kg
GS8LTD 8 Gun Lock Top Deep 1500x458x330 mm 68 Kg