For decades the name Gold Star has been associated with the pinnacle of BSA motorcycles and Air Rifles, and now we introduce the next chapter for this iconic name, with the launch of our new PCP Air Rifle. The Gold Star SE. 

Designed in conjunction with Hunter Field Target shooters and Hunters around the world, the new BSA Gold Star SE Air Rifle is a feature packed product delivering unprecedented performance and value for money in its class, with a retail price of only £899.


The Gold Star SE’s key features are 

·       A New Regulator design, delivering consistent shot to shot performance, time after time.

·       A fully adjustable ‘Hunter’ style stock, with 12 axis of adjustment, for the Butt pad, Cheek piece and palm rest, yet still retaining the classic BSA signature look.

·       Three choices of stock are available for the Gold Star SE. These include two laminated stocks with colours of Red, White and Blue, plus our ‘Black Pepper’, and for our more traditional shooters, a classic Oiled Finish Walnut. Each of these designed and manufactured by Minelli of Italy.

·       Introducing our new ECHF barrel. This takes our already world famous Cold Hammer Forged Barrel to a new level of consistency and performance. Our Enhanced Cold Hammer Forged Barrel will further our reputation for some of the best barrels in the world, made in Birmingham, England.

·       The Gold Star SE is available in .177 and .22 calibres, and in both single shot and multi shot versions. This gives our   discerning customers the full choice. The multi shot version is compatible with our single shot adaptor, thus easily preparing the Gold Star SE for competition use. A true ‘Dual Use’ rifle.

·       Introducing BSA’s 6th Generation of Multi Shot magazine. As a result of significant investment in tooling and processes, our 6th generation magazine uses high grade engineering synthetic materials, reinforced with high strength glass filament for added robustness. With the use of PTFE during our forming process, our new magazine rota is dry lubricating for smoother, quieter and more efficient cycling between shots, and for the first time we introduce our ‘Last Shot’ indicator, giving the shooter even more feedback.

·       The Gold Star SE comes complete with our newly designed Air Stripper for even greater accuracy. Attached to our ECHF Barrel via the standard ½” UNF thread, BSA’s Air Stripper has an adjustable cone which removes turbulent air from around the pellet that can affect its flight stability and precision. Because we have retained the ½” UNF thread on the barrel, the shooter can remove the Air Stripper and fit a standard sound moderator for improved noise reduction when hunting.

·       On board pressure gauge and quick fill system, allows for easy, problem free pressure charging and monitoring of the high pressure air supply for this rifle. 

 ·      On board pressure gauge and quick fill system, allows for easy, problem free pressure charging and monitoring of the high pressure air supply for this rifle.

 ·      The Gold Star SE has a fully adjustable match accurate trigger, for precise, controlled activation and feedback during the firing cycle.

The Gold Star SE takes BSA into a new area of Air Rifle shooting. The efficiency of our regulator, matched with our new ECHF barrel delivers 120 shots in .177 and 150 shots in .22 calibres, more than sufficient for competition or a hunting trip. 

Combining 3 stock options, 2 calibres, multi shot or single shot this really is the Ultimate all round air rifle. Manufactured in Birmingham, England, the new BSA Gold Star SE is possibly the only Air Rifle you’ll ever need to buy.